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Handling of personal information

BabachoCo Ltd and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as “our company”) regard privacy as follows.

Scope of Privacy

The idea of privacy is applied when the user is using our service. In addition, personal information gathered when users use our service is managed according to the way of privacy. Our privacy policy does not apply to information on people, companies, etc. that our company does not directly manage.

Information sharing and disclosure

Enhancement of customer’s personal information by providing services provided by the Company on its website (various menus of “User service” such as user registration and online sales application, registration of e-mail address to e-mail service etc., application to various campaigns) We also do not use it except for the purpose of guidance and appropriate guidance such as enriching the products and services our company offers and questionnaire etc. Even when circumstances arise in which circumstances require the use of customer’s personal information outside the website due to circumstances, we will never disclose or provide it to third parties without customer’s consent.

Collection and use of information

When collecting information about individual customers (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”), we inform in advance the purpose and usage details, and we agree or register with customers at will. We will not use the information by deviating from purpose of use.

About DM

We may send information on the services and products that we believe would be of benefit to our customers to customers by e-mail or postal materials. We will cease sending such information if there is an offer from the customer.

About a cookie

Cookies are for users to browse our website more conveniently when visiting our website, they do not infringe on the privacy of our customers, There is no negative impact. Although it is possible to refuse to receive cookies by setting of Internet browsing software (browser), in that case, it may cause some troubles in browsing this site. For details on how to set up the browser, please contact each software manufacturer.

About "advertisement using browsing history"

Advertisement using browsing history” is an advertisement method that delivers advertisements of Babacho, which you are interested in, based on the browsing history of the page you viewed on our EC site . In that case, we use information on your browsing history to the Babacho EC site (however, we do not include any information that identifies and identifies the customer individually). Information on browsing history recorded on the Babacho EC site is used only for the purpose of advertisement distribution by Babacho and is not used for collecting other purposes or personal information at all. If you do not want “advertisement using browsing history” to Babacho EC site, please do the procedure not to display “advertisement using browsing history” by seeing the following page though it is sorry to trouble you.

About security

We will take reasonable range necessary to protect the privacy of customers visited our website. Depending on the service of this website, we may receive confidential information (such as credit card number) from customers, but at that time we try to protect information by encrypting information I will.

About the handling of personal information

As for the personal information, we have placed the management staff and manage it appropriately and safely.We will manage the customer’s personal information in the proper way. If there are no special circumstances, we do not disclose, lend or transfer to a third party without approval, provided, however, that this is not the case in case there is an offer by a legal institution or the like or for the purpose of protecting the rights and property of our company. The use of our website is made at the customer’s responsibility.
We do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by using various kinds of information obtained from this website and other websites with links on this website. Our website is under our control. Although this site can be accessed from all countries of the world with different laws, customers accessing this site agree to be bound by the ordinances of the laws of Japan concerning the use of this site will do. In addition, we will not make any representations or warranties as to whether or not the content of this site is appropriate in the customer’s environment on this site. Access to this site is based on the customer’s free will and the customer is responsible for the use of this site. ※ Although we are making every effort to protect the personal information of customers as mentioned above, we are appreciate your attention to the management of information even if you are placed in yourself. About the revision of this privacy concept

From now on, we may revise all or part of our privacy policy. If there are important changes, we will inform you on this website in an easy-to-understand manner.